Fit Learning Locust Valley

We’re more than just a tutoring center in Locust Valley.

We transform education through customized curriculum and learning science.

Results Driven by Learning Science

More than just a tutoring center in Locust Valley.

Fit Learning is not a one-size, fits all tutoring center in Locust Valley. We help our learners build fluency in core academic skills by combining learning science, precision teaching, and curriculum-based assessment. The result is learners who are confident, possess the ability to expertly perform in any classroom environment, and who acquire a newfound capacity for learning.

Curriculum & approach designed specifically for your learner.

An expert conducts a comprehensive skills assessment to identify your learner’s fluency in a range of core skills we’ve identified as drivers of academic success. Then, we develop a curriculum and approach, so every learner builds the true mastery of skills for life-long learning. It doesn’t matter if your learner is gifted and talented, struggling, average, or learning disabled; our approach is scientifically proven to meet your child’s needs.

1 year’s growth in 40 hours of instruction.

This isn’t just a tutoring center for homework help. A Fit Learning session is a fast-paced, goal-oriented, high energy instructional interaction with a Fit Coach, who is extensively trained and certified in the principles of learning science. The experience fundamentally transforms a child’s academic aptitude and overall cognitive abilities. We consistently produce 1-2 grade levels of improvement in 40 hours – something standard tutoring in reading, math, writing, logic, and language simply cannot achieve.

Locust Valley: Serving Long Island’s Beautiful North Shore.

The Locust Valley Fit Learning lab has been operating out of Long Island’s North Shore for over 10 years. Sitting in the middle of the quaint town of Locust Valley, the lab is a warm yet energetic bastion for educational and cognitive transformation.  While our learners come to us from all over Long Island, many of our students come from the Locust Valley Central School District, Oyster Bay School District, North Shore  School District, Jericho School District, Syosset School District, Manhasset School District, Garden City School District.  Additionally, our students come from an array of prestigious private schools including the Eastwoods School, the Portledge School, the Green Vale School, Friend’s Academy, Holy Child, and Buckley.

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Our Testimonials

"Our son continues to improve in math and relational concepts. He tells me that Fit Learning helps him a great deal and never puts up resistance to get here – that is half the battle! We are very pleased!"

Fit Learning Parent

"We have been very happy with our experience here! The boys are making great progress. Each instructor has been very amazing, friendly, rewarding and really reinforcing. We could not have had a better experience."

Fit Learning Parent

"I can’t believe the growth we’ve seen in the last 8 months! Not only have her math skills improved but she also has so much confidence in the classroom – and it has spread to all areas of her development. We have been thrilled not only with her progress but also the short amount of time in which we have seen this growth. It’s like you’ve flipped a switch inside her."

"All three of my children have become better students, have more confidence and have a better understanding of education after Fit. It’s been a lifesaver and I honestly feel they would have been lost in the school system had we not found Fit."

See one year’s growth in as little as 40 hours of instruction.


 No other tutoring center in Locust Valley has a method as fun or effective. 

Our Results

The current graph shows average 40-hour improvements across all subject areas for all learners who have received services at one of our Fit Learning locations.

Fit Learning Locust Valley Tutoring Center Curriculum

Fit Reading

Fit Reading trains grades K-12 to fluency in Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Oral and Silent Reading, Comprehension, Spelling & Vocabulary.

Fit Math

Fit Math trains grades 1st -12 to fluency in Numeration, Computation, Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, Percents, Algebra, & Problem Solving.

Fit Logic

Fit Logic trains grades K-12 to fluency in Problem Solving, Advanced Comprehension, Critical Thinking, and Study Skills.

Fit Writing

Fit Writing trains grades 3 - 12 to fluency in Grammar, Sentence & Paragraph Construction, Brainstorming, Organization, & Genre Writing.

Lil Fits

Lil' Fits trains pre-K to 1st grade to fluency in Listening, Understanding, Following Instructions, Language Building, Reading Readiness, & Relational Math Concepts.

Fit Homeschool

The school environment can often be challenging for a child. Sometimes, the challenge is so great that its detrimental effects outweigh the benefits. Additionally, there are times when a school placement fails to maximize a child’s full potential. In these cases, a homeschool placement is recommended. When choosing Fit homeschool, parents elect through their school district to homeschool their child. Fit then provides homeschool support and supplementation in core skill areas. Children attend Fit sessions from two to six hours per day three to five days per week and receive intensive one-on-one academic and cognitive training.

The Fit Learning Locust Valley Team

Founder – Dr. Kim Berens



Kimberly Nix Berens, Ph.D., is the Founding Director of Fit Learning and Regional Director of Fit Learning – TriState.  She is the co-creator of a powerful system of instruction stemming from the behavioral, learning, and cognitive sciences. This unique approach has transformed the learning abilities of a wide range of children, including those who are struggling, average, gifted, or learning disabled.  Her learning programs effectively target such essential areas as early learning skills, basic classroom readiness, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, comprehension, inferential language, basic and advanced mathematics, grammar, and expressive writing.  From her early beginnings in a broom closet at the University of Nevada – Reno, she has helped grow Fit Learning to an organization with over 20 locations worldwide.  She is highly recognized in her field and has been invited to speak regarding her expertise in science-based approaches to instruction at many regional, national, and international conferences. Following an appointment by Governor Jim Gibbons, Dr. Berens served on the Nevada State Board of Psychological Examiners where she assisted in establishing best practice guidelines for practitioners.  Her system of instruction has consistently produced one year’s growth in 40 hours of training with thousands of children worldwide.

Founder – Dr. Nick Berens



Nicholas M. Berens, Ph.D. – Dr. Berens received his Ph.D. in behavior analysis from the University of Nevada under the supervision of Dr. Steven Hayes. He has served on several professional boards including the Standard Celeration Society, Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis, and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science’s education special interest group. Berens is an experienced applied researcher and has published and presented in the areas of core behavioral processes related to language and development, the merits of the scientist-practitioner model, Relational Frame Theory, Precision Teaching, and program evaluation. He has spent the last 10 years researching and developing the Fit Learning system of instruction. This system targets areas such as basic classroom readiness, core processing speed, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, reading comprehension, language-based comprehension, basic and advanced mathematics, grammar, expressive writing, logic, problem-solving, and Executive Functioning. He and the Fit Learning team have implemented the system with over 1,000 children ages 3-18 years old. These children have presented with a variety of skill levels and diagnoses including children diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities including AD/HD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, and struggling learners, as well as, gifted students. The Fit Learning system has consistently been shown to produce one year’s growth in 8-weeks.

Dr. Nicholas
Miller Berens


Dr. Kimberly
Nix Berens


Allison Segall


Nicole Forero

Case Manager

Megan Walsh

Case Manager

Kylie Nowicki

Case Manager

Ha Young Yi

Learning Coach/Space Integrity

Scott Molloy

Case Manager

A life of learning starts with the first step.

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